Top 8 Analog Sports Cars


Top 8 Analog Sports Cars: To make car safer more practical and more fuel efficient auto makers have been replacing the weighty components in our sports cars and electronics. We create a list of Top 8 Analog Sports Cars These cars are high performance sports cars we will talk every car production time and the period of when was the car on there peak. So let’s start discussing about top 8 analog sports cars

Top 8 Analog Sports Cars 

01. Dodge (SRT) Viper 1992-2014
Analog Sports Cars                                                                                          Source: Dodge
The Viper was born as a modern take on the classic Shelby Cobra of the 1960s one of the rawest sports cars of all time. Since its launch as a 1992 model, the Viper has marched forward without driver’s add technology. The V-10 engine has grown in size and hp over the years but it’s always been mated to a six speed manual transmission (no automatic or paddle shift gearbox here). The Viper is one of the most unsophisticated and unforgiving sports cars around. It requires that the driver commit to the experience by tolerating a warm cabin, loud (and hot) side pipes, and heavy steering and shifting. And it would bite you if you weren’t careful the rear and could easily step out under power.

02. Mazda Miata 1989-2014
Analog Sports Cars                                                                                                 Source: Mazda
Few sports cars have enjoyed the longevity of the fun loving Miata. The mini Mazda arrived in 1989 as a more modern and reliable revival of the classic 1960s British roadster, and at just over 2000 pounds, the Miata was a delicate, lightweight joy to drive. Forget about the electronic steering assist of today — those early Miata’s came with a manual steering rack, meaning the driver felt practically every pebble the front tires rolled over. In fact, power steering didn’t even become standard until 1999, ABS until 2006, and stability control until 2012. You could get a more Miata, without any sort of electronic driver handling aids, just two years ago.

03. Lotus Elise 2005-2011
Analog Sports Cars                                                                                                 Source: Lotus
Few cars could touch the Lotus Elise in purity of purpose. Here was a feathery (under 2000 pounds) two seat sports car built to push hard up a canyon road or around a racetrack. Ans all that Lotus brilliance came directly in to the driver’s hands, thanks to the manual steering rack. The Elise did wear ABS, but it was never offered with stability control, nor was there an automatic transmission of any sort. The Elise was more of a toy than something you’d want drive on your daily commute.

04. Porsche 911 RS America 1993-1994
Analog Sports Cars                                                                                            Source: Porsche
The Porsche 911 has been the iconic German sports car for 50 years, and there have been so many wonderfully analog models in that half century. Take the 964 generation of Porsche 911. Although it looked more modern than past 911s at the time, and featured some incredible optional tech like all wheel drive and an electronically raised spoiler, at least one model kept its tires planted way in the past: the 1993 RS America. Porsche built this car to honor the 20th anniversary of the legendary 1973 Carerra RS, and as such, the RS America was a lightened track ready version of the 964.

05. Honda S 2000 (2000-2004)
Analog Sports Cars                                                                                               Source: Honda
The Honda S 2000 was one of the most rewarding sports cars to come from the early 2000s. And though that decade saw some serious technology creep in to our cars, this agile little sports car delivered a visceral experience. Under the hood of the early cars was a high tech 2.0 liter four cylinder that made 240 hp all the way up at 8300 rpm. That engine speed was staggering 13 years ago and still is today. Honda S 200 was the also wonderful analog car so we add this one also in our list of ‘top 8 analog sports cars’.

06. Ford Mustang Cobra R 2000
Analog Sports Cars                                                                                               Source: Ford
The one year only Ford Mustang Cobra R was one of the most radical and raw ponies Ford ever built. Only 300 were made. At it’s heart, the Cobra R was a thinly disguised road racer for the street. The snarling 385 hp 5.4-liter V-8 was hooked to a six speed manual and a tight limited slip differential in an independent rear suspension. That compact rear suspension replaced the Mustang’s solid axle to make room for a 21 gallon fuel cell for racing. Forget air conditioning, traction control, or stability control — the beast had just ABS enhanced Brembo brakes.

07. Toyota MR2 Spyder 2000-2005
Analog Sports Cars                                                                                             Source: Toyota
It’s hard to imagine that staid and conservative Toyota had this bare bones roadster in its lineup less than a decade ago. The MR2 Spyder was a midengined fun machine not unlike the T Top MR2 that came before it, but engineered as a full convertible and stripped of any fat. The Spyder’s reflexes were quick, and the soon the MR2 bacame not only the most engaging Toyota in the lineup but also the most engaging Toyota anyone had driven in years. The first year of the Spyder was the purest. It came one way: packing a 138 hp four cylinder, a five speed manual, and ABS as the only driver’s aid.

08. Ferrari 550 Maranello (1997-2001)
Analog Sports Cars                                                                                             Source: Ferrari
Just About everything that prances out of the Ferrari factory these days in weapons grade sports car chock full computerized transmissions and modern race technology Ferrari is synonymous with incredible car tech and buyers expects breakthrough with every new model. That’s one reason you haven’t been able to buy a Ferrari with a true manual transmission for years. That’s too bad because the classic gated shifter and wonderfully weighted stick shift were trademarks of the brand. The last Ferrari to be offered exclusively with the manual transmission throughout it’s entire production run was the 550 Maralleno. The 550 was a bit of the retro car even at the time.

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