Car Insurance Classes Of Use Explained

car insurance classes

Car Insurance Classes Of Use Explained: Thanks for visiting today we discuss about Car Insurance Classes Of Use Explained If you choose wrong class of use on your Car Insurance you could find your cover invalidated so it;s worth knowing what they are all about. Read this full article and you will be understand each and every thing about car insurance classes of use explained

Car Insurance Classes Of Use Explained
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When Getting a Car Insurance Quote you will be asked about the class of use you need that is what you will be using the car for. The class of use tends to have a bearing on the risk perceived by insurers and could effect the premium you pay.
For example, a business user may be seen as a greater risk then a purely social and domestic user. This is because the business user is likely to spend more time on the road including in heavy traffic and unfamiliar routes which will increase the chance of third party claims.
So if you have the wrong class of use on your policy you may find your insurance company refusing to payout on a claim.

The different classes of use

There are three main classes of use to choose from as well as some further options you’ll need to consider if you regularly drive as part of your job.

Social Only

With this type of cover the insured car can be used by the named drivers for non work related driving only. Also known as social, domestic, and pleasure use only.
This cover you for normal day to day driving such as driving to visit family and friends for shopping.

Social and commuting

This provide cover as above for social domestic and pleasure use as well as for driving back and forth to a permanent place of work.
Travelling to a railway station en route to work where the car is parked is usually classed as commuting. Dropping some one else of at their place of work may also be classed as commuting by your insurers.

Business Driving

If the car is being used to connection with work beyond simply commuting you’ll be need a level of business insurance car.
Business use by you this covers all of the above plus your business related driving away from your normal place of work.
Business use by you and or your spouse this simply extend the cover provided for business driving to your spouse. There are often options to do this for all drivers named on the policy.
Commercial travelling this type of cover may be needed if driving is a permanent aspect of your job or you’re selling goods or services while on the road.

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