Top 5 Classic Cop Cars In America


Top 5 Classic Cop Cars In America: First of all thanks for landing on this page today we describe Top 5 Classic Cop Cars In America if you want to know about these cars let’s read this article top 5 classic cop cars in america

Top 5 Classic Cop Cars In America

01. Ford Crown Victoria P71 Interceptor
                                                                                       Source: Ford
P71 Crown Victoria never die, they just became taxis. Due to the disappearance of Americans – made RWD V-8 Sedan for nearly a decade, the Ford Crown Victoria became more ubiquitous than any other police car we can think of in any era since the model T, despite the occasional daily fire. Powered by a modified version of the Ford 4.6 liter, SOHE V-8, they will practically run forever, thanks in part to the oil to coolant heat exchange. Even with the introduction of the charger police package and the occasional Impala police car, Ford still plans to carry about 80% of the police market.

02. Dodge Diplomat/Fury Police Car(NYC)
DODGE DIPLOMAT/FURY POLICE CAR                                                                                       Source: Dodge
The M-bodied Dodge Diplomat and its twin, the plymouth Gran Fury, aren’t here purely out of nostalgia. Look at them. It’s hard to believe they were anything but cop cars. What they lacked in power relative to some of the Dodge fleet vehicles of the 1960 and early 1970, they more than made up for in durability. You couldn’t kill them if you tired. Most models featured the 318 V-8, though a few pursuit models included a 360 four barrel. Imagine any upset renegade cop from an 80 police movie kicking the quarter panel of one of these bad boys.

03 Dodge Charger Police Edition (Michigan)
DODGE CHARGER POLICE EDITION                                                                                          Source: Dodge
As you can probably tell from Mark’s glowing review of the Dodge Charger Police Edition, we’re big fans. Just look at it. Probably more the successor to the coronet than anything, especially with the recurrence of the angry headlights, the Hemi-powered Charger is gorgeous, features a stalk-based Autostick, and has great road manners. Numerous police officers lusted after the ride, which is the best kind of accolade. In Michigan state police blue with a cherry on top, it’s even better looking.

04. Ford Mustang LX Highway Patrol Edition
FORD MUSTANG LX HIGHWAY PATROL EDITION                                                                                      Source: Police Mustang
The original Mustang LX Highway Patrol car, a favorite of the Texas DPS, haunted our dreams with it’s sharp facade, red interior and 5. liter V-8 power. Though the hatchback Mustang would, theoretically, have been useful, the DPS stuck with the notchback ‘Stangs. Mustang were used in the DPS fleet between 1983 and 1993, with the 1986 model, pictured, our personal favorite.

05. Chevy Camaro Z 28 B4C
CHEVY CAMARO Z28 B4C                                                                                    Source:
The Chevy Camaro BC4 was one of the fastest police cars ever used in the United States thanks to a simple formula: Take a stoke Camaro and add a mix of the strongest parts from the Z28 and other racing packages, as well as the Chevy 350 V-8. They were a particular favorite of the California Highway Patrol, which knows a thing or two about pursuits. As great as they are at high speed chases, they’re great for deterrence as well. Who would want to get put in the backseat of that thing?

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