Lexus NX 2016 VS Lexus RX 2016 Complete Comparison


Lexus NX 2016 VS Lexus RX 2016 Complete Comparison: First of all thanks for landing on this page in this post we will describe lexus nx 2016 vs lexus rx 2016 complete comparison if you looking for high tech luxury car your shopping list probably includes lexus nx and lexus rx both of cars is wonderful but here we are showing you lexus nx 2016 vs lexus rx 2016 complete comparison.

Lexus NX 2016 VS Lexus RX 2016 Complete Comparison

Exterior on the outside both the NX and RX showcase lexus latest design philosophy which looks a lot different from previous models you might be familiar with. But the RX takes things even further with an even sportier look especially in F sport model and a unique black painted D pillar that gives the roof a floating style.
Of course the RX is longer than the NX too the NX stands at about 182.3 inches in length while the RX is 192.5 inches. Still neither model touts 3 row seating despite th fact that the RXs platform mate the more traditionally styled Toyota Highlander  comes standard with third row.

Interior Inside the NX and RX share a general design and a lot of materials and switches they also share lexus remote touch interface which offers love it or hate it control over the brands enform infotainment system but there are a few difference between the NX and RX including the fact that the offers a wider dashboard and center control stack giving it more of a traditional luxury car look.
Of course this wider design made possible by the fact that the RX simply offers more interior room weather its hip room for rear passenger or legroom in  front the RX also offers a little more cargo volume than the NX touting the 56.3 cu.ft with the rear seats folded compared to 57.7 cu.ft in the NX.

Mechanicals Both the NX and RX offers two engines one gasoline and one hybrid the major difference is the NX uses 4 cylinders engine while the RX use V6s.
The standard 4 cylinders is the NX 200t is the 235 horsepower 2.0 liter turbo charged 4 cylinders which offers up to 22 miles per gallon in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. Option for the hybrid power NX 300h and you will get a 194 hp 2.5 liter hybrid 4 cylinders that boasts up to 35 mpg in city and 35 mpg on highway.
Meanwhile the RX standard engine is the 295 hp 3.5 liter V6 in the RX 350 mated to an 8 speed automatic to return up to 20 mpg in city and 28 mpg in highway. in other words the RX offers more power while the NX touts better fuel economy but that’s to be expected given the cars different in size. We hope you are understand some basic comparison between ‘lexus nx vs lexus rx’.

Features and Technology When it comes to equipments both models offers the mostly the same features and options including a wide array high end tech gadgets such as adopted cruise control wireless device charging siri eyes free to phone connectivity bluetooth phone and audio connectivity and much more. With that said the RX has a surprising number of advantages over its NX sibling that will entice shoppers interested in the latest gadgets and features specifically the RX offers a rear seat DVD player a panoramic sunroof and heated rear

seats all of which the NX does not have. The result? while the NX likely offer everything you need technophiles might want some of the available equipment unique to the larger RX.

Driving Experience On the road the NZ and RX offers different driving feels to us the NX feels a little dull and numb as its 2.0 turbocharged 4 cylinder is on power especially compared to rivals steering is also is not as sporty as it could be especially given the NXs positioning as a versatile crossovers for active shoppers interested in a spray luxury models. The Rx on the other hand touts strong acceleration is an even more impressive steering and handling especially in the exiting F sport trim The SUVs formerly numb steering is fairly direct and engine power has increased at the point that acceleration is comparable to some sporty rivals.

Safety In government crashed tested carried out by the national highway traffic safety administrations the NX earn perfect 5 star overall rating and the RX is not have been tested we suspect it’s fare well as it earn a coveted top safety a rating is share with the smaller NX. As for safety features the RX and NX comes standard with everything you might expect including a backup camera side curtain airbags anti lock brakes and traction control options in both models include forward collision alert automatic braking a blind spot monitoring system and rear cross traffic alert though the RX takes things  a little further by also offering lane departure warning and lane keep assist.

Conclusion “Lexus NX 2016 VS Lexus RX 2016” are both competent well built luxury crossovers with the penchant for comfort over pizzazz. But to us RX is the better as its touts are more engaging driving experience a larger interior with more cargo space additional safety features and more gadgets we only recommend the lexus nx and lexus rx if your budget simply does not allow you to move up the Lexus lineup otherwise we think the Lexus RX is better choise for more shoppers.

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