Luxury Sport Coupes 2017


Luxury Sport Coupes 2017: Coupes are not the most practical automotive choice but what they lack in utility they more than make up for in style. We are picking the right one to suit your needs and desires often comes down to how much you are willing to pay. See this article Luxury Sport Coupes 2017 we create the list of best luxury coupes 2017 so keep reading this article luxury sport coupes 2017

Luxury Sport Coupes 2017

01. 2017 Mini Cooper
Luxury Sport Coupes 2017                                                                                            Source: Cooper
There’s something to be said for a truly engaging subcompact car with a spirited engine and a sport tuned suspension. And that something is “fun.” Along with it’s eye catching modern interpretation of the classic Mini’s styling, today’s Mini Cooper offers a choice of feisty yet fuel efficient engines, athletic handling and communicative steering. With the feel of a street legal go kart, the Mini Cooper has an endearing personality for anyone who truly enjoy driving. And thanks to its petite dimensions, it’s a snap to park in places other cars pass up.

02. 2017 Toyota 86
Luxury Sport Coupes 2017                                                                                          Source: Toyota
Most driving enthusiasts will agree that a car that’s light and has rear wheel drive, a willing engine and a buttoned down suspension is the recipe for a great driver’s car. Toyota has that exact concoction in the form of the 86. Formerly sold under Toyota’s now defunct scion subbrand as the FR-S, the 2017 Toyota 86 is essentially that car rebadged. This year brings a few mechanical tweaks as well as updated front and rear styling that improve what was already a highly regarded sport coupe. The 86’s back seat is essentially an upholstered package shelf, and the road noise at higher freeway speeds can be annoying, but those minor demerits are a small price to pay for such a rewarding and affordable drive.

03. 2017 Honda Civic Coupe
Luxury Sport Coupes 2017                                                                                                Source: Honda
Honda’s Civic has long been a favorite of those who value reliability and longvity along with enjoyable driving dynamics. Now the Civic manages to also simultaneously provide two typically opposed strengths — spirited acceleration along with high fuel economy. Specifically, the Civic available 1.5 liter turbocharged four cylinder can hustle the Honda to 60 mph in less than 7 seconds while boasting an EPA combined fuel economy estimate of 35 mpg. Honda Civic have amazing features that is why we include this vehicle into this list ‘luxury sport coupes 2017’.

04. 2017 Subaru BRZ
Luxury Sport Coupes 2017                                                                                            Source: Subaru
Even a die hard car enthusiast could easily mistake the 2017 Subaru BRZ for the Toyota 86. That’s quite forgivable since these sports Coups are twins, he result of collaboration some years back between Toyota and Subaru. As such, the BRZ similarly sports a light crub weight, rear wheel drive, an eager engine and a well tuned suspension that all make it every bit the entertaining automotive athlete. The shared DNA also means the BRZ has a two thirds scale backseat, minimal trunk capacity and noticeable road noise at highway speeds.

05. 2017 Dodge Challenger
Luxury Sport Coupes 2017                                                                                              Source: Dodge
Although the reincarnated, retro themed Dodge Challenger has been around for 10 years now, that’s not to say it’s been sitting still. It has kept the iconic styling that harkens back to the original Challenger of the early 1970, but constant updates have kept it fresh, made the interior more welcoming and kept the Challenger current as far as convenience and safety features go. Still, the traditional strengths of this boulevard bruiser are here in abundance, such as full size rear seating, a lineup of powerhouse engines, and a variety of flavors and options. Whether it’s lighting up the rear tires for a bit of high school style hijinks, shutting the kids to practice or comfortably taking on a long road trip, the Dodge Challenger is more than up to the challenge.

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