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Guest Post And Guidelines: Each and everyday i receive Emails from visitors for Guest Post. Today I’m Very Glad to introducing Guest Post facility to all of you. I really appreciate your love and support for me and for Daily Updates Forum Let’s have  look at guest post and guidelines

Guest Post And Guidelines
Guest Post And Guidelines                                                                                               Source:

What is Guest Post?
Guest Post means writing a quality article and publish it on some other famous Blogs and Websites. It is the best way to connect with your new readers and to shine your name to comes out. It is the best and quickest way to gain backlinks for your site and rank easily on search engine.

What kind of topic and articles we accept?

01. Our website is a automobiles site we only accept auto vehicles articles and auto insurance or auto insurance companies articles and motorbikes articles. If you have any article related to these topics you can submit for a Guest Post.

02. Article content must be useful to the readers. The topic must be related to our site topics. Like automobiles, auto insurance, motorbikes, or auto insurance companies.

03. The article must be in  fresh content, copied the content from any other blog or website will not be allowed.

04. Your content must be original and must have never been published on any other website or blog.

05. Write a post with useful content. You must agree to not publish a post anywhere else on the Internet.

06. Please ensure that your post doesn’t violate any copyright laws.

07. If your post doesn’t follow the guidelines means your post will be rejected.

Formatting Guidelines.

01. Your post must have introduction part that attracts the readers to makes reading further content in your article.

02. You must use at least one <h2> </h2> tag, use headings, subheadings, bold the important keywords and also use the bullet list to make easier to read the content.

03. You must have included the conclusion at the end of the post.

04. The post must have at least 500 to 800 words it’s very important.

05. You must add one image related to your post title. If the image is not your own you must give the source link of the image.

06. You must have links to at least 2 posts already published on Daily Updates Forum.

07. Your Post title must contain approximately 50 characters. Provide the best killer title for your post.

08. At the end of the post if you like to share your bio info add your details it must be in 50 characters.

01. We are providing Guest Post for free for a limited time.

02. If you want your article as homepage featured post for 30 days, it will cost $10 per post.

Submission Guidelines

01. Please send an Email to the Admin as well as editor. or you can Contact Us via Contact Form.

02. Send the post article in the format of MS Word file.

03. If your post includes images, please send them as an attachment.

04. Add small introduction about yourself in the mail.

05. Don’t includes the affiliates links in the post. If you do this means it’s violate our terms and conditions of our Website.

Process of accepting posts

Once we receive your article through email, Our editor team will be check if the post content follow the proper guidelines and also check the grammar, punctuation etc. It will take a little bit time to finish the process.
Once we completed all the checking process if the post is 100% follow guidelines and great article we share it on our Website and send you the post link via email.

If your post doesn’t follow the guidelines we will send you a email with rejection reasons.

Would you like to write an article for Daily Updates Forum? Send an email to or with your wonderful post and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Note.  A Guest Poster cannot republish their post elsewhere. Once we published in our Daily Updates Forum website. All the posts will be copyrighted and also protected by DMCA.