Temporary Car Insurance


Temporary Car Insurance: Thanks for landing on this page if you want to know what is Temporary Car Insurance and what is benefits of this type insurance so keep reading this article because are going to discuss each and every thing about temporary car insurance

Temporary Car Insurance
Temporary Car Insurance                                                                                              Source: rpp.pe

What is Temporary Car Insurance?

Fully comprehensive cover for cars from 1 to up to 28 days.
An alternative to a 12 months policy its a short term car insurance solution for everyday tasks like a trip to the super market or emergencies where someone need to borrow your car but they’re not covered by your existing car insurance policy.

Who might it be good for?

Young Drivers: If you”re under age of 21 don’t have your own car but have access to a friend or relative car you might want to take out the shorter insurance policy to cover you whilst on holiday on university or allow you to drive over an festival.
Classic car enthusiasts: If you own a classic car or sports car that’s used as a second car you might be interested in taking out weekend insurance to cover you for that short period where you want to head out and make the most of your car.
Learner drivers: If you”re learning to drive and only have time to fit in lessons every now and then taking out insurance as and when you need it could be cheaper than taking out a full length policy.
One day insurance: If you are in emergency or need to drive a car to home you could arrange one day car insurance policy to cover your needs.

How does short term car insurance work?

With the vehicles owner permission you can quickly and easily arrange a policy to start from the movement you have bought it and need it to fill a few bits of information.
Details about your self including your name and address.
Your license and driving history.
Details of the car you”d like to insure.
The date and time you”d like cover begin and end.
A ‘temporary car insurance’ could be useful in an emergency to sort out one day car insurance policy or cover for routine tasks like taking a trip to the shop.

What does short term car insurance offer?

A short term policy offers an alternative to a 12 month policy, but if you’re unsure whether it could be what you need, take a look at some of the features it includes.
The option for immediate cover from the movement from you bought it.
Peace and mind that you are insured to drive.
Daily Insurance or even cover for just one day.
Arrange cover for up to 28 days in advance.
Optional cover for alloy wheels scratches and dents and misfuelling. 

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