Top 5 Classic Volkswagen Cars 2017

Top 5 Classic Volkswagen Cars 2017

Top 5 Classic Volkswagen Cars 2017: Volkswagen is the world best automobile maker company and old company. Today we are going to sharing with you Top 5 Classic Volkswagen Cars 2017 if you love Volkswagen cars and read to know more about Volkswagen so keep reading this article top 5 classic volkswagen cars 2017

Top 5 Classic Volkswagen Cars 2017

01. Volkswagen Beetle Convertible
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The beetle was assembled by Karmann of Osnabruck including the installation of the Teutonic folding top the convertible typically just s compact and quit as the sedan when buttoned up thanks to the thick sandwich construction as the top and glass rear windows. The convertible also benefited from the same design and mechanical carried out the sedan models over the year. Production of the beetle convertible ended in 1979 but which time the car price in the United States had gone up high due to inflation and relative value of the dollar against the deutche mark.

02. 1973 Volkswagen Passat
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The original Volkswagen Passat was launched in 1973 and was often in various body parts the two and four doors sedans as well as the similar looking three and five doors sedans externally the four versions had the generally modern fastback style coutesy of Italian designer. This was rather unusual considering that two of the models was typical sedans with the separate trunk. All in all Passat was a less expensive altenative of the Audi 80 sedan that had been introduced the year before with the more traditional body style.

03. 1989 Volkswagen Corrado
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In the mid of 80s despite the golf gti success the Volkswagen were still considered more as dependable as desirable. That is until 1989 when the Marque introduced the Corrado the car represented the tremendous breakthrough in the company. It went on become the Volkswagen fastest car in the history and is still considered the brand’s most elegant car to date.

04. 2003 Volkswagen Touran
Top 5 Classic Volkswagen Cars 2017                                                       Source:
The touring took  along time before making it’s official appearance in the market after it’s launched but the result worth the wait. The car was offer the either 5 or 7 seats guises and powered by variety of components engines. Where it lacked in styling it compensated in the space and the versatillity to date it is the most competently the assembled mini MPV Used examples are beginning to appear and are great value of their price.

05. 2012 to 2015 Volkswagen all track
Top 5 Classic Volkswagen Cars 2017
It may be little more than an AWD gold wagon that’s have been lifted ever sightly but the all track still the makes the compelling case in areas of the country where things get muchy its combine everything that you like about the gold r with the capability of hiking boot and as i learned during a brief stint of road it can ever lift a wheel and make it through fairly tough terrain. If you like the golf all track value proposition but don’t need the two tone trim.

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