Top 5 Old Sports Cars of All The Time

Top 5 Old Sports Cars of All The Time

Top 5 Old Sports Cars of All The Time: First of all thanks for landing on this page today we make a list of Top 5 Old Sports Cars of All The Time Today sports cars continue to inspire the designers and engineers to push the boundaries of performance. But today we think we want to show the people’s what was the our past and what kind of sports cars we was use. So let’s take a quick look at top 5 old sports cars of all the time

Top 5 Old Sports Cars of All The Time

01. 1970 to 1973 Datsun 240Z
Top 5 Old Sports Cars of All The Time                                                                                         Source:
The Z was one of the first popular Japanese sports cars in america , offering performance, comfort style, and reliability. the Z had gorgeous styling, with a smooth six cylinder, engine and it went as fast as it looked. 0 to 60 took just 7.6 seconds and a 125mph top speed was quicker then a Porsche 911 T or Jaguar E- type of the day. They came in gorgeous reds, yellow,orange and look like they should bring $40K or more but can easily be be had for less than $15K.

02. 1969-1970 Ford Mustang Match 1 428 Cobra Jet
Top 5 Old Sports Cars of All The Time                                                                                                Source:
Because its a Ford and not a shelby, collectors have largely overlooked this car, and it is certainly undervalued. powered by the some motor and with all the performance, style, and technical interest of shelby GT 500, the March 1 is worth up $100K. That’s plenty of money but only half what you’d pay for an equivalent shelby GT500.

03. 1964-1970 Pontiac GT0
Top 5 Old Sports Cars of All The Time                                                                             Source:
Despite the demise of Pontiac, there has been no discernible bump in the value of these cars. Lucky you. it means a classic GTO can be had for less than $30K, thousands less than a similar, big-block Chevrolet Chevelle super sports. The powerful GT is widely credited as defining the muscle-car era. with massive big-block engine choices, it delivered up to 360hp that was mated to a floor-mounted four-speed manual transmissions.

04. 1969-1973 Triumph TR6
Top 5 Old Sports Cars of All The Time                                                                                                 Source:
A wonderful brawny, gorgeous British sports cars that’s powerful and spirited, an original TR6 in excellent, low-mile condition can be had for as little as $15K. Powered by a 150-hp 2.5 liter six cylinder engine, it had major torque. TR6s are easy to maintain and look terrific, and parts are readily available, making them an excellent first collector-car choice.

05. 1967-1975 Full-Size American Convertibles
Top 5 Old Sports Cars of All The Time                                                                                    Source:
Here’s a whole group of overlooked classic cars that are finally starting to gain attention. Convertibles from the era just preceding this one, including cars such as the 1959 Cadillac DeVille or 1962 oldsmobile starfire, sell for anywhere from $25K to 125K. you can get your hands on a 1968 Ford XL or a 1967 Dodge Polara in excellent condition for less than $15K.

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