Top 7 Best Compact Sedan Cars 2017


Top 7 Best Compact Sedan Cars 2017: If you think compact sedan class is full of state humdrum economy sedans it’s time to bring you up to speed. Many models year 2017 compacts offer heals of style and technology less than you think. We are going to discuss about top 7 best compact sedan cars 2017 Just stay on this page and read about which compact sedan cars is best for you and best for your journey. Let’s start discussing about top 7 best compact sedan cars 2017

Top 7 Best Compact Sedan Cars 2017

01. Chevrolet Cruze 2017
Top 7 Best Compact Sedan Cars 2017                                                                                     Photo Credit: Chevrolet
Acceleration: Punchy Acceleration doesn’t come at the cost of the fuel economy in the Cruze. The Cruze turbocharged four cylinder engine is a strong and refined. The Cruze turbocharged four cylinder combine satisfying of the line grunt with highway efficiency returning a best in group 34.8 mpg over our mileage loop.
Roominess: A low center console and impressive drivers seat adjustment range makes a cruze solid choice for larger shoppers. The low well designed console offers extra space for your stuff and still leaves more rooms for your knees.
Technology: The touchscreen multimedia system is easy to use has quick graphics and apple car play and android auto smartphone connectivity.
Handling: The Cruze Show good handling and a good ride can coexist. The Cruze didn’t ride roughly as the Mazda 3 and scored comparable to the Civic in the handling category.

02. Mazda 3 ($22,670)
                                                                                 Photo Credit: Mazda
Driving Experience: Surprising no one were the Mazda 3 spirited roads manners true to form the Mazda 3 is fun to drive steering feedback is excellent and you can slide the tail around a little in concerns a feet that’s nearly impossible for much of this group. Mazda 3 gives awesome driving experience.
Luxurious Interior: Driving entertainment is not Mazda 3 offer high grade material make the cabin feel nicer than the compact car norm. Mazda as tested price fell right around the group average but it’s upscale features included heated vinyl seats that could pass for real leather made it legitimate luxury car Imposter.
Comfort Seats: The bolstered front bucket seats go really well with the Mazda 3 sporty personality and hold you snugly in place.

03. Hyundai Elantra 2017 ($21,360)
                                                                                 Photo Credit: Hyundai
Features For The Money: Despite having a group lowest as tested price our Elantra pack big tickets conforms like dual zone climate control Keyless access heated seats and moon roof with Hyundai’s mammoth warranty to boot. The Elantra value edition has any array of surprise and delight features for the price from dual zone automatic climate control to the power driving seat to lighted doors handle.
Multimedia System: The Elantra multimedia system is bested the others with it’s useful volumes and tuning dials as well as it’s easy smartphone use ability. The media system has colorful and sharp touch screen and it’s fast to respond.
Cabin Size: The straight forward cabin has no surprises with the roomy drivers seat and ample storage space.

04. Toyota Corolla 2017 ($22,865)
                                                                                 Photo Credit: Toyota
Standard Safety Features: While the Corolla was not the only car to have suite of crash avoidance features it was the only one to include them standard. Toyota deserve big credit for giving every corolla. The Corolla is the leader with the standard full suite of electronic safety systems.
Seat Roominess Comfort: The back seat is the roomy and seat height offers good thigh support for adult passenger the cloths and vinyl front seats offer good support for a long drive.
Free Maintenance: Hyundai and Kia have there waranties but the corolla and cruze have two years free maintenance in the value conscious class that’s have different interior.

05. Volkswagen Jetta ($22,815)
                                                                           Photo Credit: Volkswagen
Peppiness: Don’t let the diminutive 1.4 liter engine size fool you The turbocharged Jetta best in the group 184 pounds feet of torque make for gratifying power in all those situations where compact come up short hilly roads highway passing drive with passengers you name it where others struggle the VW prevails The Jetta 1.4 engine is strong and willing with surprising low end torque for it’s size.
Cargo Space: It was clear the Jetta size was the step above the rest after poking around the cargo area the well designed trunks has the lid that’s pops of all the way up and it offers more space via both a pass through and a split folding back seat.
Handling: Perhaps most surprising was how the Jetta mastered winding back roads. The Jetta feels planted on the roads and the steering is crisp. The Mazda 3 should be watching its back for handling props. That is why this vehicle also included in ‘top 7 best compact sedan cars 2017’.

06. Subaru Impreza 2017 (22,519)
                                                                                      Photo Credit: Subaru
Visibility: Visibility varied greatly between the sedans and the Impreza was in a class of it’s own with the highest visibility score. The front roof pillars don’t block your view when cornering like they do in other cars in this comparison.
All Wheel Drive: Perhaps a biggest different interior even the visibility in the Impreza standard all wheel drive you get the all wheel drive security for this price.

07. Kia Forte 2017 ($21,540)
                                                                                      Photo Credit: Kia
Safety Features: Our Forte aced the safety category with its bevy of optional active safety assists including a rare lane centering steering system this was the first time in market shopper mary used said one of the feature i never thought about was the lane assist.
Luxury Touches:  The Forte pairs its suite of advanced safety features with unexpected features for the class two useful features a hands free trunk and power folding side mirrors.

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