Very Cheap Sports Cars Under $10,000


Very Cheap Sports Cars Under $10,000: Welcome on this page today we make a list of very cheap sports cars under $10,000 if you want to buy any cheap sports car so read this article and understand which one is best for you. So let’s talk about very cheap sports cars under $10,000

Very Cheap Sports Cars Under $10,000

01. Mazda RX-7 FB/SA22C
Very Cheap Sports Cars Under $10,000
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The first generation RX-7 is a raw basic sports car from its simple live rear axle to its MacPherson struts but its an analog’s driver car of great poise and hardwired driving feel. The rotatory engine is feared for baseless reasons its simple best and if you can work on a piston engine you can work on a rotatory. People also make a lot of noise about the dead sport in the center of the FB steering. The ’84 and ’85 GSL-SEs are king with there fuel injected 13 B engine limited slip and better brakes. This car is below $10K.

02. Porsche Boxster 986

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The car that save porsche again toyota gave the stuttgart company pointers are slashing costs by parts across product line which is how to boxster ended up sharing is those headlights will the 996. It was Porsche first mid size since the 914 two decades earlier and Porsche’s first two seats convertible since the 50s. The boxster became Porsche’s volume seller $160,000 in eight years.


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The U.K put out the lot of classic low cost low weight roadsters in the 60s. Hardly any had the MGB tight construction. Monocoque construction in which the frame the part of the body was in 1962. Later model rubber bumper cars have bottomed out in price and there are kits to convert their exteriors in to classic 62-74 chrome which run $13,00. Acceleration is very nice there is not a person alive who would not say to 50 mph on a good road in a raw little street sled is more fun than 80 mph cruze.

04. Chevrolet Corvette C5

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Overhead valve engine and fiber glass leaf rear suspension don’t sound all that advanced but GM racing made a winning career out of the C5 at 24 hours of Le Mans and in the american Le Mans series.To return with awesome fuel economy and avoid the gas guzzler tax six speed cars are saddled with the skip shift that will force a first to the fourth up shift under certain conditions. For those still unconvinced technological is not a necessary ingredient of a good driver’s car look at halfs the cars in this list.

05. Chevrolet Camaro/3rd Generation

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The Chevrolet Camaro/3rd Generation is the also list of ‘very cheap sports cars under $10,000’. Good for the 80s its power is modest today but you can work cheap magic on a small block chevy and turn the 3rd generation F-Body in to a rocket. Like its fourth father the 3rd generation camaro came in a lot of rare package combinations that are sought after today such as the B4C police package iLe race package and Z03 heritage package. So guys we hope you like the list of “very cheap sports cars under $10,000” if you have any doubt about sports cars just feel free to comment us or Contact Us we will reply you as soon as possible stay tuned with Daily Updates Forum and read a lot of articles about Sports Cars Auto Vehicles Toyota Luxury Cars and much more.

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